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From Janet Hennessy
Message To my dear brother Frank.I want you to know how much I love & miss you.My heart was broken the day you died.You were more then a brother to me,you took the place of my Father the day he died so long ago.I know Mom& Dad were waiting for you with there arms opened wide.

Love & miss you.

Sister Janet.


From Janet Hennessy
Message Dear Frank,I want you to know the day you died my heart was broken.I miss you so much it is hard to remember that you are no longer with us.But I know you are in a better place & mom&dad were waiting for you with their arms wide open.Ontil we meet I will always be thinking of you.

Love Always your sister Janet


From Anita Cornetta Vlass
Message I hope you are enjoying heaven and watching all of us live our crazy lives.

I wrote this letter about 10 days before you died but I could not bring myself to share this with anyone other than my brother John. As I have had time to reflect on your passing and your birthday coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to share my thoughts with you and everyone that loved you.

Happy Birthday Uncle Frank !

How do I say goodbye to one of the most important and influential men in my life? I know my feelings are shared by several people but, as usual, you made us all feel special. You always had a way of making many of us feel as though we were the most important person in the world, at one time or another. All of my life I knew I was special, Iím not sure why, but you told me, and I believed it. Throughout my life you were there, never in front but always in the shadows. You let me know if I fell, you would be there to pick me up. My father will always give you credit for saving my finger. He has told the story a hundred times. Every time he tells this story, the respect and love he has for you shined so clear. You were the man that saved my hand from the doctor. Ask my dad today and he will tell you the same story. You even gave the speech for me at my rehearsal dinner, welcoming my husband into the family and telling him how special I was. You were a great Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, God Father, Grand Father and Friend. I donít know anyone who has met you that at a minimum does not respect you. Most like or love you and several wanted to be just like Frank. I have been watching the news about Tim Russet and thought a lot about how loved and respected someone can be... I loved watching Tim and I am saddened by his death. I could only think of you. I donít know anyone in my life that is loved and respected by everyone other than you. I have never met anyone in my life that doesnít respect you. You are the man I only hope my sons will become. You are the strongest and kindest man with a huge heart. Your respect for Family, God and Country should always be admired. Your affection for your sisters, nieces and nephews is immeasurable. You are the Cindo to mine, my brother and sisters children. When I think about how they all feel about you, to say Uncle is not enough, you are their Cindo. To all my cousins ,they will understand how important that is. Uncle Frank , you have been mine, and everyone elseís rock. You will always be the standard of how to measure a manís character, unfortunately for most men, that is a difficult standard to achieve. I can never express the love I feel for you, there is no doubt in my mind that you know I love you. You are and always will be that special person that loved me for me. I am now forced to say goodbye to you and I am lost for words. Most people that know me well , will appreciate that.

I love you my Uncle, God Father and most of all friend, I donít think I would ever have become the person I am without you in my life! Thank you for your love and strength. I will never forget you and will always remember what you taught me.



From Sirena & Anthony
Message We're so sorry to hear about the loss of Uncle Frank. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time of sorrow. May God be with you.

Sirena & Anthony


From Dawn Miggins Stanko
Message Get well! Love ya!


From John Cornetta
Message Uncle Frak you need to get well and hang in there. I told you I already paid for your 80th birthday July 31st, 2008

Love Johnny